Juce release schedule?

Hi, I’ve seen that a parameter automation bug has been resolved in the develop branch some weeks ago, how long will it take to land in the master branch? And more generally, how frequent should we expect Juce releases?

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We do minor releases every few months where we merge develop into master and bump the version number. The last version bump was just a few weeks ago so the next version bump might be several weeks away.

Thanks Fabian for your answer. If I may ask, how does the master branch (the tagged versions) make sense compared to the develop branch? I understand that the tagged version are the ones that are pushed to the Introjucer, but are they really more tested? IIUC they are tested by the community after their release and the bugs are fixed into the develop branch, and not backported to the master branch? I just want to have enough information so that I can argue to my superiors/clients that choosing to use the develop branch is not an option that is worst/more dangerous than the master branch (given/provided that I/we do enough testings ourself/ves). Thanks for you work, all the best!

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Well this is not completely set in stone but the general idea is the following: we do all our development work (bugfixes/features) on develop. After we have committed all the features and major bug fixes that we would want to have in the next point release, we wait for the forum to settle a bit, i.e. we don’t attempt to fix any new big bugs or add new features, we simply wait until the forum does not report any bugs with the develop branch anymore. Then we merge develop into master (or ideally fast-forward master to match develop if there were no hotfixes [1]) and bump the version number/re-upload the JUCE binaries.

[1] Critical bugs are pushed both to develop and master as hotfixes but we try to limit this to only very critical bugs such as security bugs or crashes that many users are likely to run into.