Next JUCE release

Any idea roughly when to expect the next release?
We are working with the develop branch because it contains some bug fixes we need but would like to be able to better plan our next release.


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We’re aiming for next week.

A JUCE release just entails pushing all of the develop branch commits onto master, so I’m curious where this is causing you planning difficulties. Do you have a strict policy of only ever using tagged JUCE versions? If so you may want to rethink things. A JUCE release doesn’t gain you much in terms of stability - we put a lot of effort into making the develop branch stable and because of this we have a decent number of people using the develop branch for their releases. We will hold off doing a release for a couple of weeks if we think there are any particularly complex new commits on the develop branch, but there’s no additional testing performed.


Ah that’s very useful information, thank you! It’s not typical that develop branches would be considered production quality so yes we were waiting on each tagged release as typically this would be what communicates vendor confidence but now we know this we will no longer wait for them. What are your criteria for tagging a commit? Is it somewhat arbitrary or for internal reasons irrelevant to customers?

If we have made breaking changes, or a new feature, or a refactor that is particularly complex, we will wait a few weeks before creating a release. This gives us time to collect any feedback from the community. However, in practice making very substantial changes after feedback is quite rare.

Conversely, if there is a particularly valuable bugfix we will do a release sooner, rather than later.

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Just a quick update to say that there were a few things we wanted to get onto the develop branch before the release, but this pushed the schedule back enough that there’s no longer time to do a release before the Audio Developer Conference next week.

Once the ADC dust has settled we’ll do the release.

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Thank you for the info. Much appreciated!