Juce sockets on Windows 2000

I am using JUCE sockets for getting the data from the modem. When code is run on Windows XP, but on Windows 2000, time taken for getting the response is very high. When code is run on debug mode, we get the response but when exe is run , no response is obtained. Also, we tried putting the sleep but its not fool proof solution. Any suggestions/comments , please let me knw.

It’s not useful to start a new thread for a same problem.

Please search socket programming in google so you can understand how to use sockets correctly.
Juce::Socket is a wrapper of socket, so if you don’t understand how sockets are made & work, you’ll still encounter socket issues.

Basically, you have to make sure there is something to read before reading it (respectively writing it). You can do so with isReady member function (implementing the socket’s select function).

WinXP and Win2k have differents parameters for their TCP/IP stack.
You shouldn’t expect getting correct results unless you code it the right way, ie. the socket way.

Good luck.