Juce source code structure

Hello, guys.

As I can see most of the Juce users utilize it thru Introjucer. I've made it that way too. It works ok... until I try to make any changes inside the library code itself. I use Visual Studio 2013 as IDE and since all includes and definitions are made "somewhere out there" it totally get lost on any opened source file. Is there any tips (or tricks) to make "at the middle" code editing more efficient? I've tried to manually reorganized the include sequence but failed. 

Thanx in advance for any help.

Not really sure what you mean about it getting "lost"? Obviously I spend most of my time working on project where I'm editing the library code, and never had any problems..

I mean syntax highlighting at first place. Almost every word are being underlined as errorous one (using ViasulAssist addon).  Autocompletion seems to works ok though. 

Ah, probably VisualAssist that's not doing its job then, I've never tried that myself.

Nope. VisualAssist is just do autocompletion job. Here are two shots (VA is disabled):

The file that resides the Main.cpp and having resolvable includes:

The file buried deep in Juce library code:

Any thoughts, Jules? sad

Maybe a question that you should be asking on the Visual Studio forum rather than this one?

I've no idea how intellisense works, or how to work around its bugs. It has always seemed to do an OK job when I use VS though.

I don’t use VS 2013, but maybe it won’t find the declarations as the header file is included in the module’s cpp file, not in the single files like juce_AbstractFifo.cpp. There might be a setting to only look through the actual file and its includes instead of all source files.