JUCE Static Library project for 2012

Can we please add a VisualStudio2012 static library to extras for JUCE?

I didn’t think you were into static libs any more, Vinnie?

I’m not, but I’d like to be able to browse the JUCE source tree and set breakpoints in Visual Studio 2012

Can’t you just import the 2010 project?

Yeah, that works, but then where would I save it? And I would have to do this for every one of my repositories that includes JUCE. I can’t put it in the JUCE subdirectory because it would interfere with a pull on the official repo (I’m using git-subtree). On the other hand, if you put it into extras/… then all me or anyone else would have to do is just pull the tip of the master branch and it would appear.

But the introjucer doesn’t have a VS2012 export target yet. I’ll add that at some point, but VS2012 isn’t even released yet, and my attempt at installing the RC failed miserably.

I can email you a JUCE static library project for 2012, all you have to do is add a folder VisualStudio2012 in extras/static library

Visual Studio 2012 was released on August 15th. I downloaded and installed the Visual Studio 2012 Express Desktop Edition, it seems to work. I’m in the process of adding 2012 support for all my projects.

I don’t want to add a manually-generated project file, I’d need it to be introjucer-generated. Sorry, will have to wait a while.

(Currently, VS2012 won’t even launch on my PC, it got screwed by a service patch. Hopefully their next release will fix it).

I’m confused…what’s wrong with at least having a manually generated project instead of nothing??

I’d have to remember to update it when I change files. At the moment I have a script that automatically does that.

I guess I should have been more clear, I was thinking of just a one-time snapshot as a hold me over until you get the IntroJucer support in place - no need to keep this project up to date. It’s not ideal but its preferable to having nothing and needing to maintain a git-subtree fork of JUCE in all my projects. I have users whining about not providing 2012 support.

Here’s a branch with the project added in the directory extras/static library/VisualStudio2012


Release and Debug both build without problems.

Also, is it time to delete the “modules” branch? The last time it was merged was in February.

Can we please get the static library project added to extras, for Visual Studio 2012?