JUCE tutoring or problem solving services?

I’m new to C++ and JUCE and still trying to learn. It’s hard for me to figure out why some things don’t work. For example this thread:

I can find loads of local C++ tutors but I doubt any would be that helpful as they wouldn’t understand JUCE.

Would you be able to provide per hour tutoring or problem solving services (eg. via Discord) and at what rate? Please send me a message.



I’ve been toying with Juce for only 2 weeks now, but I do have 20+ years of C/C++ under my belt. If you get stuck on issues like the example you gave, your problem is a priori C++. Any good C++ programmer/tutor can help you with this example.

My advice: set aside some time to really learn and understand C first and then tackle Juce. Getting to know Juce once you have C++ is pretty straightforward (to me at least) but still takes time (for me at least :slight_smile: )… You’re trying to deal with 2 problems at the same time; fix the fundamental one first. And set your expectations: becoming proficient in C++ takes months if not years.

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I agree with @tomto66 here. If you’re the type of person who learns well from books, I would highly recommend Designing Audio Effect Plug-Ins in C++ from Will Pirkle - it was instrumental when I was starting out and the concepts and techniques presented in the book allow to draw “aha” type parallels from the JUCE framework.

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