Juce v5.3.0 error after update


I recently performed the auto-update to v5.3.0. (from 5.1.1). Now when I open up my VST project in VS and try to re-build, I get a huge number of errors, some of which can be seen here:


I have no idea where to begin in fixing this, so I appreciate any guidance!


JUCE now dynamically links to the Windows runtime by default (see this post). It looks like your 5.1.1 project was statically linking resulting in a mismatch, can you try changing the “Runtime Library” VS exporter setting to “Use DLL runtime” and re-save?

Also when doing changes to build settings or updates on frameworks in general, it makes sense to do a “Build Clean” ( IIRC it is Ctrl-Shift-K in VisualStudio)

The mix of the two did the trick, thanks guys!