JUCE VideoDemo

Hey there,


I wanted to test the VideoDemo in the JUCE Demo.

I compiled an Mac but the VideoDemo does not show and i don`t know why.

Is there anything i've forgot?

And does video work for all OS ?

I'm right in the middle of rewriting the video module..

But in the current version you'd need to enable JUCE_QUICKTIME or JUCE_DIRECTSHOW on OSX and Windows

Will there be native Video playback on android?

Yes, that's one of the reasons I'm rewriting it all..

Cool, thanks!

Great news... expecially considering that to fully migrate to Juce I'd need 360° video rendering. That requires hardware accelerated decoding + fast uploading to OpenGL textures + shaders for side-by-side rendering and lens distortion correction. Can be realized on Android with MediaPlayer + SurfaceTexture... would be so cool to have a way to handle this multi-platform

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