JUCE Vintage Memorabilia available as NFTs!

Hello JUCE memorabilia fans!

There’s been a lot of excitement in the news recently about NFTs* and how these crypto-blockchain assets are revolutionising the way people can buy things whose very existence was previously considered to be irrelevant.

So the JUCE team thought it might be a good day to offer some of our own non-fungible items for you to consider!

They’re available right away for bidding here:

The items include vintage camcorder footage of me at the moment I wrote the classic juce::String class, and a copy of an image of the original pre-juce String class. You can also buy a token that marks you as having some kind of intangible connection to the old, original pre-ROLI JUCE logo!

I’m sure you’ll all agree that any of these would make a great addition to any collection of ephemeral things!

April 1st 2021

  • Disclaimer: These tokens are strictly NON-fungible. Any attempts to funge them or to encourage their fungeing by others will violate the terms of your license. If you require a fully-fungible “enterprise” version of these tokens, please contact our sales team for a custom quote.

I see a huge business opportunity here, so let me clarify some legal questions that I have:

  • Is it ok for me to purchase the video and re-sell (without making copies) single frames of the video as NFTs. For example, the frame of you typing the very first letter of the string class etc., the frame of you typing the second letter of the string class …
  • Depending on the market situation I assume I can also slice up the single frames into pxiel segments. Close-up of your index finger striking the ‘S’ key. Maybe a close-up of the Windows 95 Start menu logo.
  • Do you have any licensing deals in place for fan-art based on the video. Is this allowed? I’m thinking there could be a novel in this or even three part epic.

I think technically you can re-sell the concept of you reselling a frame of the video. But since even someone who buys the video doesn’t own the video, they just own a token for a link to the idea of the video, that means that they can’t sell the rights to the video, just to the idea of linking to it. Hope that clarifies things.


That sounds dangerously close to funging to me.


OK Thank you. That clarifies things. I will do this then.

So is this using the CC license or is this uses similar JUCE dual license?

Why is nobody bidding on these amazing items??

Do they think we’re kidding or something!?

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If this wasn’t “April Fools” day for some of the world I would want to believe this, but it almost makes too much sense, too much.

A highly skilled C++ developer is auctioning his “first screen shot” and logo, brings tears to my heart. :wink:


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The JUCE String class was even written in Comic Sans! @jules the fact your started this framework with Comic Sans as your goto font, really shows how JUCE has evolved. :slight_smile:



Do the bids have to be monetary? I can offer a 1-square-foot plot of land under my potting shed for the OG logo.

There’s probably some kind of cryptocurrency you could use for that. “landcoin” or “bitsoil” or something.


I have a very witty comment to make about all this. But it is so droll and witty that it is undeniably very valuable. So, I would like to offer up the idea of this witty remark as payment for one of the above memorabilia.

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It is about time that someone put the “fun” back in fungible! Way to go Jules!


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This is not necessary.

You can use the classes in JUCE: encryption to generate juce::coins.

I used a few ROLI blocks and chained them together. A BLOCKs chain so to speak of.

Using the littlefoot compiler you can setup your j::coin miner in half a hour.
But be aware that they need enough cooling to work most effectively!

In the last few hours I generated about 4.12021 coins! Hope the market share will rise soon enough to make a few bids.


That’s great news - I think I have a few old BLOCKs lying around here somewhere, I can finally put them to good use.

Every year we talk about doing juce::coin, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this time next year :slight_smile:

I see coolness in the IMHO the pre-ROLI JUCE logo. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a heads up to anyone who bought the Memorabilia NFTs:
They are delivered using a compression based on the HomeopathicStack with maximum dilution.
Make sure you have the matching decompression available!


Can we please have a juce::OwnedNFTArray? GitHub - zhuowei/nft_ptr: C++ `std::unique_ptr` that represents each object as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain

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