ROLI acquisition of JUCE

Wow, congrats Jules & ROLI - that's interesting and exciting news. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Yep. It seems a good news for the future of JUCE with our grumpy leader that stays in the team.

Quite exciting.

Good luck and I wish you a great start as Head of Software Architecture!

Since Tracktion fully supports the Seaboard it might also be on the acquisition radar of ROLI...
If not, how does this affect the development of Tracktion, Jules?


Re: Tracktion: that's not affected by this, so will maintain its normal course.. (Don't think ROLI are ready for another acquisition right away though!)

I think this is a good move. I admire your dedication to Juce but honestly don't know how you've maintained it by yourself to such high standards for so long! ROLI seems like a really interesting company with a cool vision for design and development and I bet they'll be a good match for you. Congrats Jules!


For the job you did on Juce i hope you got enough money to buy a small island somewhere warm.


Congrats and hope this works out well. very excited about the future.

Congrats Jules, sounds like you made a nice deal! I hope there are not too many evil plans cooking up at ROLI headquarters ;-)

As I am quickly approaching the point where I need to buy a commercial license, do you know how commercial licensing will be affected?


Congratulations, Jules.

This is my big concern as well… the web site only mentions the license would be good up 'til version 4.0 – Do we know if it’ll still be upgradeable after v4 is released?



Congrats !!! I think we're going to talk a little about this Thursday :)

As I am quickly approaching the point where I need to buy a commercial license, do you know how commercial licensing will be affected?

I think a few items have appeared on the top of the forum about this, haven't they ?

Even new JUCE demo applications to check on the JUCE download link !!! (for iOS I think ?)

Congrats, Jules! It was nice to hear this in the Helsinki meeting. Jean-Baptiste certainly didn't seem like an evil man, so let's hope Roli as a whole will be similar! ;)

My concern as well...

I guess if it's not upgradeable after v4 we'll have to fork it.

Also concerned about commercial licencing... could you please clarify ? Will it be possible to buy one for versions <=4 ? And after ? What about the price ?

Well done Julian. Funny we had this discussion last week, isn't it ?

Although I personally think this is also good news for us Juce mortal users, I do agree with some of the comments that Roli will have to make a clear statement about the future of Juce support, from a business standpoint, as you already clarified the technical part of the deal.

Anyways, congrats again !


Hi there,

Good to meet you all and excited to be joining forces with Jules to develop JUCE further! 

We have no plans in the foreseeable future to change the GPL licensing for the core of JUCE. In fact, we don't at this point have any concrete plans for any changes to the model whatsoever. Our main immediate goal is just to learn in depth about what features and support everyone wants and needs and then we will try to figure out the ideal way to make that happen in a way that best serves the community and the framework. 

Thanks Jb,

So could you update the addresses on the contracts on ? I was about to send one back, but I guess it has no legal value if it is still bound to Raw Material Software... Although I can see the snail mail address was updated on the page, the contracts haven't changed.

About those licensing questions, I don't think you could remove the GPL like that anyway. You could change the license for newer versions with the agreement of all copyright holders (so in this case, only one), but the old ones would remain under the GPL. I think that's an important thing to mention if you want people to engage in an effort to improve JUCE... knowing that they're not being used by a company with no guarantee in return.

You're right not to change anything about it, since it brings you licensing fees, and a supporting community... it's all win for you! :)

FYI Raw Material Software still exists, so the contracts are perfectly legit, but yes, we might want to update the physical address now.

I just saw that Jordan Rudess was part of ROLI.  Pretty cool.