JUCE/VS2019 is notgenerating the .dll file (but only the .vst3 file)

HI! I’m new in JUCE Development. I create my project and I was able to built it with VS2019. I noticed that the building generates the .vst3 file only in \Builds\VisualStudio2019\x64\VST3. I can’t generate the .dll file.

Anyone can help me?

The .vst3 file is the DLL, it just has a different file extension.

VST2 uses the .DLL extension, but by default, building VST2 is no longer supported. (You need to have an existing license for VST2 and a copy of the SDK)

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Thanks G-Mon! You saved my day :slight_smile:

Welcome to Juce & above all - have fun!

Thanks Dave for your welcome Dave! :slight_smile: