Compile error, impossible to create .dll

I’m new to JUCE. I’ve just followed step by step the getting started tutorial on JUCE main page, but i can’t create a .dll file.

So far if i select “standalone” my plugin compiles correctly and runs fine, but if i select “VST Legacy” in Projucer, i’m not able at all to create a .dll file (or a VST).

I’m using Visual Studio 2017, i followed step by step all the tutorials available, but i always keep getting the same compile error, which is:

include_juce_audio_plugin_client_VST2.cpp c:\users\mattia\desktop\juce\juce\modules\juce_audio_plugin_client\vst\juce_vst_wrapper.cpp(95): fatal error C1083: impossible to open: 'pluginterfaces/vst2.x/aeffect.h': No such file or directory

I thought it was something related to Steinberg SDK, but i read that (except for VST3) it should be included in JUCE installation.

How do i solve this? I’m clueless

It is the other way round, VST3 is included, the Legacy VST is only available for people, who had a countersigned license agreement with Steinberg.
It is no longer possible, to start legacy VST development now.
See this thread:

So I just need to check VST3 in my Projucer (while I’m changing my project settings)? Is the SDK included in my JUCE installation? So far I haven’t neither downloaded or installed any Steinberg SDK.

On the JUCE official tutorial it’s stated that all the SDK and tools needed should be included in JUCE installation, but since the changes you have mentioned, I’m not sure if it’s still valid anymore!

Thank you for your support.

The SDK is here in JUCE: