Juce VST/AU and FL Studio and Reason

I’ve noticed that my Juce apps do not play well with the new Reason and FL Studio. Usually I would tell the customer to do the following with FL Studio:

  • Under the FL Studio Processing Tab, make sure that the output connection is selected for Juce Plugin (See Attached)
  • There is another option in the processing tab, to use “fixed size buffers”

This seems not to work anymore on the new version of FL Studio. I’m also finding that our Juce apps are not working with the new Reason update. There seems to be some issues and conflicts with Fixed buffer sizes.

Has anyone else been had these issues with Juce plugins?

Testing in FL Studio helped us find a bug with dealing with variable and (in particular) small buffer sizes. Perhaps your issues are related?

What exactly did you discover?

…that our plugin didn’t cope with small buffers. I seem to remember FL Studio buffers being quite small (64 samples springs to mind). Sorry, I don’t remember the details but the general point is that the plug in needed to work at all buffer sizes and cope with changes in buffer size. Once that was fixed it was fine. I vaguely remember finding that FL was already dividing blocks up into buffers at MIDI message timestamps (which is what synth plugins would also do internally), but as I say I can’t remember the details.