This could be huge: REASON 9.5 Now Accepting VSTs

I can’t even count how many users have asked me to bring my plugins to REASON. This is huge…

Check this out:


Just tried the feature on the now released Reason 9.5. So far everything looks to work just fine with my plugins using Juce 4.3.1. Reason 9.5 loads the 64 bit vst version on OSX and as far as I can tell everything works including automation, preset names, GUI… you name it.

If anyone comes across any issues with the new Reason VST support and Juce it would be helpful if you can list the problems here. I certainly will when I test it more in depth and on windows as well.

I saw a couple of 3rd party plugins not load on my system, so there seems to be some potential for problems, but maybe Juce based plugins are not affected at all.

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reason running on linux would be noteworthy :wink:

Did some tests on windows now. It appears at least with my code there are problems with keyboard focus and TextEditors. Basically the texteditors lose focus after like 0.1 seconds. I will check that on OSX as well.

OSX works fine with TextEditors. Will try to debug on windows why this is happening.

The problem does exist with the unaltered JuceDemoPlugin and Juce 5.0.2 as well. The texteditors just immediately lose focus after being double-clicked/activated making entering values impossible. This is with Reason 9.5 on Windows 10, latest versions available.

I was able to attach the VS debugger to reason, but all I see is that an event arrives from the reason gui lib that triggers loss of focus for the texteditor. I do not know enough about how Juce handles windows events to figure out a patch to fix this issue.

3rd party plugins not using Juce have working text editors. So the issue is some interaction between reason 9.5 vst hosting and just windows event handling.

I’m having a deja vu. Let the “losing focus” games begin :slight_smile:

Please note that JUCE official company policy is that any posts where “lose” is mis-spelt as “loose” will be ignored.


C’mon, loosen up a little :smiley:


Ironically, you’ve misspelt misspelt!

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Ok I fixed the spelling issue. Will you now have a look at the problem :wink: ?
(Of course making fun of non-native english speaking persons is much easier than looking for problems with the latest vst-compatible host and your library. Now I have to verify spelling and grammer on all my posts… that will definitely decrease the number of posts I make.)

Oh, the non-native speakers have an excuse, it’s the native speakers who should know better!

And yes, of course we’ll be looking at this regardless of spelling - we want to make sure everything works well in Reason!