juce_VST_wrapper.cpp no longer compiles with VS 2010

As of Juce 4.3.1, juce_VST_wrapper.cpp no longer compiles with VS 2010. Looks like the for loop syntax in findMaxTotalChannels() isn’t supported:

    for (auto& config : configs)
        maxTotalIns =  jmax (maxTotalIns,  config[0]);
        maxTotalOuts = jmax (maxTotalOuts, config[1]);

I see how sexy this is, but until VS 2010 support is eventually dropped, this should still use the conventional for loop syntax.

The recent introduction of some more modern C++ features into JUCE means that only VS2013 and later are supported.

It’s time to upgrade! We’re in the process of dropping vs2010, and requiring vs2013 or later for all our code.

Ah ok, I knew this was eventually inevitable.

Upgrading a toolset means days of stressful hassle, endless googling and a cascade of unforseen side effects, broken build scripts and random incompatibilites, so I always postpone it as long as possible. Already tried the move to VS 2015, but failed and gave up on it. No country for old men.