juce_WindowsRegistry: valueExistsWow64

as there is already a method “getValueWow64” in the WindowsRegistry class, it would be nice if you could add a method “valueExistsWow64”.
This method would be the same as the existing “valueExists” method but using the “KEY_WOW64_64KEY” key.

[code]bool WindowsRegistry::valueExistsWow64 (const String& regValuePath)
const RegistryKeyWrapper key (regValuePath, false, 0x100 /KEY_WOW64_64KEY/);

if (key.key == 0)
    return false;

unsigned char buffer [512];
unsigned long bufferSize = sizeof (buffer);
DWORD type = 0;

const LONG result = RegQueryValueEx (key.key, key.wideCharValueName,
                                     0, &type, buffer, &bufferSize);

return result == ERROR_SUCCESS || result == ERROR_MORE_DATA;


Currently it is not possible to check for the existance of a key in a shared registry store when this key should be accessed both from a 32bit and a 64bit plugin.

Thanks, I’ll add something like that…