JUCEApplication::initialiseApp not catching exceptions

JUCEApplication::initialiseApp() doesn’t catch exceptions and forward them to the application object during the call to initialise(). I believe the function should look like this:

bool JUCEApplication::initialiseApp (const String& commandLine)
    // let the app do its setting-up..
        initialise (commandLineParameters);
    return true;

It seemed to fix my problem, I correctly get JUCEApplication::unhandledException() called for the case where an exception is thrown during initialization.

I’m not sure if there should be a try/catch there. If your code throws an unhandled exception during startup, the kindest thing to do is to let it die immediately.

I guess there’s an argument for adding a catch so that the exception logging code can record it, but I certainly wouldn’t want to use JUCE_CATCH_EXCEPTION, it’d need to be a special case where it logs the exception, and then kills the app instead of letting it carry on.

I dislike exceptions, so in my app they are only used to indicate a fatal condition.

I handle the exception in the JUCEApplication override by showing an alert and then quitting.

I suppose, if the try/catch isn’t going to be in JUCEApplication::initialiseApp then I can just put it in my initialise() function, so thats a perfectly workable solution for me.