JuceDemo crashes when ASIO device changes number of channels

When the active ASIO device changes number of channels, the JuceDemo crashes. Haven't had time to debug, but it happens every time.

I don't have an ASIO device in windows that can change it's number of channels.. Where does it crash?

Right, not a lot of devices do this. Perhaps the problem is related to my ASIO driver, because it seems like the crash happens when trying to destruct the ASIO object (after pressing the "Reset Device" button).


void removeCurrentDriver()
    if (asioObject != nullptr)
        asioObject = nullptr;  <--- crash here if device was re-configured

The ASIO driver is beta, so I should repeat this experiment with a stable driver.



That all sounds very much like a driver bug to me. If the driver crashes when being deleted, it's hard to see how that could be the fault of the way it gets called by the app.