JuceDemo on Arch Linux Multithreading

Just built JuceDemo on a new Arch Linux build, and it runs great until I pick the multithreading demo, at which the CPUs all peg and machine becomes unusable.

Anyone seen this? I guess something in the ‘wait’ setup is borked but not sure what.

Will try to find out if it’s the app build or distro build.


Yes, see the same thing on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian/Pixel).
I had a look, and it seems to be related to the following line:

// sleep a bit so the threads don’t all grind the CPU to a halt…
wait (interval);

Yes, I can reproduce this on Ubuntu as well. Strange that we haven’t come across this one before. We’ll investigate…

Oh, ‘cool’. Was just back to this (Happy New Year!).

It seems to be more in getting the MessageManager thread lock?

Possibly all threads end up deadlocked trying to get it?