JuceDemoPlugin resize issues in Ableton Live & Bitwig


When resizing a VST3 plugin into bitwig (OSX Sierra, Bitwig 2.1.1)
the UI is not resized as expected, but the window is increased in size, with top left position of the UI offset (downward in my example bellow).

Simple reproduction scheme by using Juce Audio Plugin Demo and call alternatively resize

setSize(400,200); and then setSize(400,400);

screenshot showing issue here :
Any idea ?



Furthermore, in latest Ableton Live with AU, it does a similar thing : it somehow “animate” (with flicker) the resize with the same weird topleft offset, then finally repaint normally, once the resize animation is done.
Very unelegant :

I also a noticed a Bitwig issue the other day - didn’t happen in 5.0 - might have been introduced with the ui scaling changes in 5.1?

I also have this issue with Bitwig on Mac.
Please update it.

Thank you

I got a vague reply from bitwig. The issue ‘could’ be on their end.

Now would it be possible to get some feedback concerning the AbleTone issue mentioned above ?

Thanks !


Yes, I’m looking into this.

If we don’t respond this doesn’t mean we haven’t seen the post - it just means it’s taking a bit longer to investigate.

OK the VST3 resize bug is fixed on develop with commit 56e6d69. Now looking at the AU bug…

… and this is also fixed now on develop with commit 05624e8. Thanks for reporting.

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I have that bitwig resize issue with the vst2 here also.

that bitwig vst2 resize bug it has been introduced by this commit : https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/commit/8493da4d7bb96602212c105285e30377a8ca7348

and more specifically by the call to updateWindowSize() in EditorCompWrapper::resized()

to reproduce, resize the plugin by dragging the bottom right-corner during a couple of second, and you should get the plugin painted with a Y offset or even a fully blank window

OK a fix for VST2 live-resizing in Bitwig will appear shortly on develop. Let me know if this fixes the issue for you.

yes, that fixes it. thanks Fabian

yup, all good here too. thx