Plugin resizing issue with 5.1.1

After updating to 5.1.1, I have an issue with plugin resizing.
I have tested on Reaper, Cubase and Ableton.
And this issue only occurs on Ableton Live.

I tested on Windows10 and it’s fine.
So as far as I have tested, this only occurs with Ableton Live on Mac.

Thank you

I’m getting some of that too. VST only, Live for Mac only so far. I have a simple click-to-resize implementation and the content is repositioning incorrectly until I close and reopen the UI. Was fine on Juce 5.1.0 and have just reverted to check, something has changed Live seems unhappy with.

I assume it’s this commit. Can you confirm by reverting it?

Yes, it works.

Thank you

Same problem, confirmed reverting fixes it.

OK this is fixed on develop with commit 368d254.