Jucer and LocalisedStrings

I played with the jucer today. I added the function:

const String quotedStringT (const String& s);

which does the same as quotedString, but uses the
macro TRANS instead of the macro T. That way it was
easy to teach the jucer to create source code with the
TRANS-macro at the appropriate places.

Could this be a (switchable) feature of the next jucer
version. Right now it’s hard to use the jucer for


How about making the Jucer use a JUCER_T macro instead of T() - then you could define that as either TRANS or T.

That’s a good idea. But I think there are T-macros in the
generated code, which should never be translated, e.g.
the name properties:

addAndMakeVisible (slider1 = new Slider (T("slider1")));

At this places, the plain T-macro should remain.