Jucer generated UI: Localisable strings?

I can’t seem to get the widgets and UIs designed with the Jucer to use translatable strings (TRANS). Do I miss something?

Wouldn’t it make sense to add a toogle button “Localisable Strings” to the Jucer and have it generate the TRANS macro along with setting the texts of widgets and tooltips? Should be fairly straightforward. As it is now, my localisations are overwritten each time I save the component.

BTW: It would be great to have a method in SystemStats that delivers the current user’s language setting and country code to match it with the available localisation files. If there is no solution available yet, I can hack these two functions for Mac and Windows and post them here for inclusion.

I thought it used the TRANS macro… If it doesn’t, I guess that’s just an oversight, probably something I should add.

I didn’t bother adding any locale stuff because the std library provides a bunch of locale classes already, so I assumed people would just use those.