.Jucer files missing for plugin demos

Latest JUCE release - Can’t see how to build the plugins (.jucer files missing?) - Same goes for DSP demos AFAICT (I just re-cloned everything, tried searching for all *.jucer files)

They changed the demos and examples to use a new system that generates .jucer files from “PIP” files. The new Projucer has a new entry in the File menu “Open example” which lists the available example projects.

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Thanks… when I managed to build it on a Linux machine (RasPi) I realised that some of the other demos which were separate apps and now included in the demo.

OK, cool! So, can all examples listed (i.e. every Demo) be saved as a separate standalone demo?! If so, good call, Juce! Very handy feature

Yep, check out this thread for more info - What is a PIP?

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