The Jucer - problem opening files

Hi all,

New to Juce, I’m learning how to develop audio plugins but I’m having trouble opening auto-generated files in the Jucer. Some files open ok(for example the demo files from \extras\JuceDemo\Source\demos), but most (in particular the .cpp files from \extras\audio plugins\demo\Source) throw the “this wasn’t a valid jucer .cpp file” error. I’ve seen similar problems on the forum have been caused by the template folder (automatically set to \extras\the jucer\src\templates) and utf-8 issues, think I’ve ruled out both these things. Right now I’m just trying to adapt the plugin demo code to learn how it works, I should be able to open the files in the Jucer right?

Thanks for your help.

Well, when it says “this wasn’t a valid jucer .cpp file”, it’s not lying… it can’t open just any cpp file! The ones in that demo audio plugin project are hand-written, not done with the jucer.

Doh, thanks Jules… I was mislead by the Introjucer header. This was useful: