juceString crash

I saw that juceString (jstring) crashes if it gets  a NULL jstring, is it that intended? if so, why?

Well, it's not designed to accept null pointers, and that's deliberate. But it's an internal function.. are you just asking this out of interest, or have you actually found a place where it's being given a null pointer by mistake? If so, let me know the stack trace and I'll fix it!

I wanted to make sure that this is not a bug, when you get some objects from jni you could get NULL and this function will crash. For now I just have a if statement checking if it is null or not 

It's only my own code which should ever call that function, and it should never pass it a null pointer, so if you've found a place where I've made a mistake and allowed that to happen, please tell me where it is!

I did my own JNI method and I wanted to parse the jstring to juce::String, but when I used tje juceString it crashed if I was sending NULL, but to me it make sense how it is now :)