juceString() converting jstring (jni GetStringUTFChars) crashes when initialising WebBrowserComponent in Android (DemoRunner)

Hi folks, can someone tell me if she/he got this working or can help me find what’s causing this maybe?

Android apps (tested with DemoRunner and own example) seems to always crash when initialising a juce:: WebBrowserComponent.

SIGABRT happening in jni.h at

    const char* GetStringUTFChars(jstring string, jboolean* isCopy)
    { return functions->GetStringUTFChars(this, string, isCopy); }

The crash is caused by juceString() being called on the jstring url argument when using Android WebBrowserComponent (juce_android_WebBrowserComponent.cpp)
static jboolean webViewPageLoadStarted (JNIEnv*, Pimpl& t, jstring url) or
static void webViewPageLoadFinished (JNIEnv*, Pimpl& t, jstring url) is crashing.

(JUCE is on latest master version, 7.0.5)

Thank you for reporting this issue.

A fix is now available on develop