Mac web browser component crash


In this function a UTF8 char array is converted to a JUCE String, hitting that all too familiar assert. It seems the error message I get when I press Browser Component on the Mac has a weird ’ in it.

static void didFailLoadWithError (id self, SEL, WebView* sender, NSError* error, WebFrame* frame)
    if ([frame isEqual: [sender mainFrame]])
        const char* errorString = [[error localizedDescription] UTF8String];

        bool proceedToErrorPage = getOwner (self)->pageLoadHadNetworkError (errorString);

        // WebKit doesn't have an internal error page, so make a really simple one ourselves
        if (proceedToErrorPage)
            getOwner(self)->goToURL (String ("data:text/plain,") + errorString);


OK this is fixed now on. It will appear on develop in a few minutes.