Web browser and http sub-demos in JUCE demo don't seem to work anymore

Using AS 2.1 beta 3 and latest tip.

WebBrowserComponent is not implemented for Android yet. So the web browser on Android never used to work in JUCE. The same is true for Linux.

I added an assert to the code to avoid further confusion.

The HTTP demo does work for me, it’s just very very slow if you run with a debug build inside Android Studio. Did you check that your Android device is connected to the internet, and that the internet permissions tickbox is ticked in the Projucer build settings?

hmmmm… I’m pretty sure I’ve used the webBrowserComponent class before on Android. I’ll have to double-check that. As for the HTTP demo you’re right. Hadn’t wait long enough…

Yes please double-check that, and if you find some code that runs the WebBrowserComponent on Android please share it with us :slight_smile:

ha ha !!! yeah ok, I checked and for Android I did use #if JUCE_ANDROID to use launchInDefaultBrowser() instead of a webBrowserComponent… ya got me! :grinning: