Keyboard events trapped in SliderPropertyComponent


I’ve defined

I’m using a PropertyPanel populated with SliderPropertyComponents but I can’t enter information into the edit box. All the mouse interaction is done perfectly (draggin, mousewheel, editbox selection…) but not the keyboard events.

here’s the CustomSliderPropertyComponent constructor code:

       slider->setTextBoxStyle(Slider::TextBoxRight,false,60,20); // text is *not* read-only

any idea?

Do I need to register an extra keyboard listener?

have you set in your plugin FilterInfo structure the editorRequiresKeyboardFocus to true ?
maybe is only that, i had a similar problem before…

I thought that was the exact purpose of JucePlugin_EditorRequiresKeyboardFocus

I’ve made a search trough my projects, and i can’t find anything with editorRequiresKeyboardFocus or FilterInfo.

for info:
Juce 1.4
JAP 1.13
tested in Live 5.

Could be that live isn’t letting the keystrokes get through… Try it in a different host - I know that keystrokes work in tracktion, for example.

Thanks, I’ll have a look tommorow.

I have never had any success whatsoever getting my plugins to recieve keyboard events when running them in Live. I’ve tried lots of things, but I believe it requires a specific workaround to get the events. If the plugin causes the popup of a system dialog (e.g. a native file chooser) then that recieves keyboard events for typing etc., but i can never get a Juce Component to recieve them when as a plugin within Live.

It’d be interesting to see if the key messages even make it to the WinProc, or whether Live is hooking them out before they reach our window.

I’rve tested with Traktion and it works well, so this is really Live that is trapping keystrokes. I didn’t launch the debugger though to see if they really get to WinProc.

Hope this isn’t a stupid question but – have you turned off Computer MIDI Keyboard in the Options menu?

not stupid because I forgot to change it, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Is there any news about keyboard events in Live?
Does new JAP Framework solved the problem?


I’ve not made any changes in the new version that would affect this…