keyboardShown: in

JUCE ver.: 7.0.3, Xcode ver.: 14.1

When I validate my iOS app in Xcode Organizer I get this error:

The app references non-public selectors in Payload/ keyboardShown:

“keyboardShown:” is found in

I made these changes (removed ‘:’)

void Displays::findDisplays (float masterScale)
    JUCE_BEGIN_IGNORE_WARNINGS_GCC_LIKE ("-Wundeclared-selector")
    // eks 3. dec. 2022 changed
    // keyboardShown:  to  keyboardShown
    // keyboardHidden: to  keyboardHidden
    static const auto keyboardShownSelector = @selector (keyboardShown);
    static const auto keyboardHiddenSelector = @selector (keyboardHidden);

It seems to work for my app but that app doesn’t use the keyboard.

I’m getting the same ‘warning’, JUCE 7.0.4, I compile and execute non the less and the app seems to work… what exactly does this warning mean? Can I ignore it if my app doesn’t use the keyboard?

EDIT: Last compile I did was with JUCE 6 and it validated normally, no warnings.

I just upgraded to JUCE7 and got the same warning. I just uploaded my app to AppStore and got the warning. I did not see that with JUCE6.

Thanks, that’s fixed here: