Keychain and CredentialManager wrapper

Hi everyone,

I’ve written a little wrapper JUCE module for Keychain on macOS and CredentialManager on Windows, which I thought is worth sharing with the community.

I’ve published it under a MIT license, so have at it, if it’s useful to you.

The thing is far from perfect (see TODO list). I’ll continue writing on this as my needs require. Feel free to send me PRs, though :wink: Especially if you know Obj-C or Windows SDK C++ you might be able to help with a few lines.

The wrapper currently supports macOS and Windows, and might support iOS, I haven’t tested that yet.

It currently only supports storing/retrieving regular username/password generic credentials, but I might look into other storage formats in the future (like certificates)

//EDIT: It now also contains some basic functionality to read some info from certificates on binaries, like an Identity string, identifying the signer :slight_smile:


I missed this post in Feb, but just wanted to say this is really cool, thanks for sharing it!

Hopefully it’ll help people adding user/pass logins to their plugins provide a friendlier user experience going forward. A surprising number of plugins I own don’t even support cmd-v for pasting, which is even more awkward!

Just checked out your company too — love the look of your plugins, really cool work!