KeyPress ctrl + any numpad operator

Hi, I am using juce 1.53 and few key combination are not working: ctrl+ any numpad Operator(+,-,,/). For any other key combination ctrl+numpad(any number) keyPress callback is invoked, but the previously mentioned keypress does not give me a callback. Please help me on this. Also, if numpad +,-,,/ is pressed with any other modifier works fine. just with ctrl modifier it seems to fail.

I seem to be experiencing the same issue on Windows.

For our KeyPress recognition, "Ctrl + Numpad 4" seems to be recording as "Ctrl + 4". Numpad 4 by itself works fine. Is this a weird Windows behavior, or a bug?

Juce 1.53? Can you try this with the latest JUCE version? 

OP is on 1.53, but we're on a fork from late-2014 JUCE 3 for this specific project. I've updated win32_windowing (in native) and KeyPress (in gui_basics/keyboard) to be up-to-date with newest JUCE. The problem still persists. Ctrl + numpad 4 consistently shows up as Ctrl + 4 on Windows. Any suggestions for other files to checkout?

Any ideas for things I should try?

Probably need to dig around in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp, the doKeyDown() function.. Haven't time to debug it right now, but could be that it's obvious what's going on in there if you try it.