Know the host your audio plugin is running in?

Hey everybody,

Is there a way to know whether the plugin is loaded and running on Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reaper, or any other DAW / plugin-host?

I’m especially interested in knowing whether the VST3 version of the plugin is running inside Blue Cat’s PatchWork, since the resizer seems to not be working properly on that host and I want to disable it (but only on this particular case).


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Yes (to an extent). Declare a PluginHostType object in your class, and call getHostDescription() on it. There is a pre-defined list of known hosts from which it returns a string (const char*). If there is a particular host you want to know about, there are other functions, such as isStudioOne() that you can. use.

Unfortunately, I don’t think PatchWork is among the known host types.

You could use that object’s getHostPath(), and parse the path yourself, though.

I don’t think that would work.
PatchWork is a plugin itself, and getHostPath() will return the name of the running process aka the DAW.

That might also be related why the resizing doesn’t work properly, but that is pure speculation.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

That’s right. It does work with PatchWork standalone though.