KnownPluginList is not recognized as a valid argument type in the PluginDirectoryScanner constructor

I want to program a plugin manager.
My problem is that the PluginDirectoryScanner does not accept my KnownPluginList and I do not know why.
My IDE (Visual Studio 2019) gives as error that the KnownPluginList is not an instance of the PluginDirectoryScanner

This is the only code I have written so far and it is in MainComponent.cpp

// Create object of list of known plugins.
juce::KnownPluginList knownPluginList;

// Specifiy the plugin format.
juce::AudioPluginFormat* const format = new juce::VSTPluginFormat();

juce::FileSearchPath searchPath("C:/learn_juce/AudioPluginManager/test_scan_plugins");

// Create scanner for  directory and populate plugin list.
juce::PluginDirectoryScanner pluginDirectoryScanner(knownPluginList,
    true /*is reccursive*/,
    true /*is asyncronous*/);