KVR Developer Challenge 2016 entries made with JUCE


The KVR Developer Challenge 2016 entries are online !

I think a lot of this year entries have been made with JUCE, such as mine :slight_smile: It’s called “Spaceship Delay” and it’s here : http://bit.ly/2fW8hEy

I think all the other JUCE developers participating should put a link to their entry here as well :wink:


A little disappointing this year IMO, there’s usually one or two things that I grab immediately, and nothing from TDR - shocker! :frowning:

edit: Well a girl can change her mind and it was late. I went back and had another look this morning, I’m very impressed with the YouLean Loudness meter.


I talk about the concept behind Spaceship Delay just there : https://musicalentropy.github.io/Spaceship-Delay/


Nice work Ivan, sounds great.


Well done Ivan. I’m not surprised at the winner mind.


My final rank is number 3 :slight_smile:


Congratulations Ivan!


Well done! Fantastic result!


And a nice write-up here too well done @IvanC This is great press!


More to the point, spaceship delay is #1 on the KVR rankings over the last 7 days.

Nicely Done!


Congratulations to you again Dave for your second place with Lagrange :wink: