Label and NotificationType error in Android


i have one strange situation in android, i have a label defined this way:

addAndMakeVisible(title1 = new Label("new label", "Title"));
title1->setFont(Font(34.40f, Font::plain));
title1->setEditable(false, false, false);
title1->setColour(Label::textColourId, Colours::white);
title1->setColour(TextEditor::textColourId, Colours::white);
title1->setColour(TextEditor::backgroundColourId, Colour(0x00000000));
title1->setColour(TextEditor::highlightColourId, Colour(0x40ffffff));

And in certain part of the component, i want to change the text of the label, and i do it this way:

title1->setText("Text to change", NotificationType::dontSendNotification);

in windows i have no problems, but for Android, using ndk-build, it gives me error saying that 'NotificationType' is not a class or namespace.

How to solve this situation ? Or how can i setText without using the "NotificationType::dontSendNotification" ?



Try it without the namespace qualifier e.g. 

title1->setText("Text to change", dontSendNotification);

Take a look at the Demo. There is no qualifier on any of the notification arguments, it's just a global enum (well, technically in the juce namespace).

Latest tip build OK for me

Thank you Dave, i was not aware of this since compiling in windows this error does not happen.

Removing works smootly.