Label::setEditable(true, false,...)

Hi Jules,

When calling setEditable on a Label with single click set to true, and double click set to false, the first click of a double click will trigger the single click operation. I don’t recall exactly windows behaviour, but on a mac I would expect to get behavior consistent with finder, iTunes, etc… where a single click on a selected row triggers the edit operation and a double click triggers the action. This doesn’t seem possible as is.

So, is there a built in way to attain this behaviour? And if not, maybe it is justified to have it added?


hmm… no easy way to do that. It’d need to set off a timer on the first click, and then cancel the timer if the second click arrives, etc… all a bit of a PITA.

PITA? That almost makes me sorry for taking the time to provide feedback!

Label::setEditable(true, false) doesn’t work. If you don’t feel the user experience argument justifies the difficulty of the problem, then a simple acknowledgement of the bug would do. I don’t exactly expect you to drop everything and make it top priority.

Woah, steady on there! I wasn’t criticising you or your much-appreciated feedback! It’s just one of those annoying features that’d be more of a hassle to write than it sounds. If it was a 5-minute job, I’d have just done it without question, but it’ll have to wait until I’m doing work in that class and can shuffle a few things around to get it to work.

It’s all good. I was only “almost sorry”. :wink: But thanks for the improved response. Indeed it is helpful to know what the situation is and I’ll just do my own workaround for now. Cheers!