Label widget bug

I was adding a feature to the midiChords VST that created ( and discovered a bug with the label widget. If the label widget is set to editable and is embedded in a pop-up menu, you can’t edit the text. No keyboard interaction occurs, even though you can select the text, right-click and delete it(among other menu items), etc.

This was confirmed by looking at the code for when the plugin is in Guitar View mode:
press the view button, the setup button becomes active
press the setup button, a popup menu appears with a submenu "customize"
select the submenu, and a bunch of sliders with textfields on their left appear
those sliders were created with:

stringSlider[i]->setTextBoxStyle(Slider::TextBoxLeft, false, 80, 20);
so they should be editable, according to the 2nd parameter

void Slider::setTextBoxStyle	(	TextEntryBoxPosition 	newPosition,
bool 	isReadOnly,
int 	textEntryBoxWidth,
int 	textEntryBoxHeight 

btw, the feature was channel names. when using midiChords with a plugin like Kontakt or WIVI or Omnisphere, it’s tough remembering which channel goes to which VST, so this is a means to specify the names of those channels for the popup menu when you rightclick on the upper keyboard :slight_smile:

[attachment=0]Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 9.01.26 AM.png[/attachment]

so, my workaround was just to fix the plugin window size and make the Label widgets statically placed in the plugin:

Works great!