The old Label keyboard focus issue with a fresh new face

I shipped my first version of plugs under Juce 1.46. Didn’t take too long before we heard of some RTAS strangeness. This turned out to be the paint/fader-offset issue that was discussed on this board. I followed those threads long enough to see that all recommendations pointed to Juce 1.50. So now I’ve got a 1.50 build.

Now, under Pro Tools LE 8.0.3, my label objects are uneditable. I’ve tried the trick using the “editorShown” method to put the Label on the desktop. That’s helpful for some Windows DAWs, but there’s no change for PT. The text field appears selected, but I can’t edit it. I’ve traversed the component tree and I can see that all items in the hierarchy want keyboard focus. But I can even seem to force the focus. For what it’s worth, no component appears to have focus. I’ve tried placing the label on the desktop and even tried placing the TextEditor component there, but to no avail.

Is there something obvious waiting to hit me over the head?

As I mentioned elsewhere, my PT installation is currently screwed, so I can’t try this… Any other PTers got any clues about this?