Lancaster Audio is looking for JUCE Developers!

Hey there!

We are currently looking for at least a couple of devs who are proficient in JUCE, C++, UI implementation, and DSP.

We are also specifically looking for people who have experience in modeling hardware, like guitar amps, pedals, and such. If you can do everything mentioned above, bonus points to you!

Remote work is possible for these positions currently.

If you have experience in some of these things or better yet, all of them, or know someone who does, email me at

For anyone unfamiliar with Lancaster Audio, we got our start as Rosen Digital making guitar and bass IR’s about 5 years ago and have been growing and expanding since. The company is run by Warren Huart (Produce Like A Pro), Glenn Fricker (Spectre Sound Studios), and Alex Nasla ( Needless to say, we work with a lot of incredible people.

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Sounds interesting, but the link is dead (Account suspended). What are the conditions? Is remote work possible?

oh wow, thank you for letting me know about the link! I have let the site administrator know about the issue. Hopefully it gets fixed asap!

Remote work is possible yes! Thank you for asking, I should have mentioned that in the original post. I will edit that in now.

Hey guys! We are still looking for a DSP developer for a project. Someone with experience in MATLAB/LTspice. Email me if you are interested: