Consultant/Freelance Available: JUCE: DSP Hardware/Software


I have 30+ years programming experience, 20+ years professional, and 10+ years working with JUCE. I work primarily in C++, but with extensive experience building full-stack Audio DSP Hardware / Software solutions; from HW Design->Firmware->Device Drivers->HAL->Low Level OS Libraries/Abstraction->Cross-Platform/Device Audio Applications (Standalone, Plug-ins, DAWs, Mobile and Shell Applications). This includes full-stack software development from Applications->Middleware->Backend (Big Data, Cloud and IoT solutions).

Extensive knowledge of major DAWs, DSP programming (Intel, ARM, Sharc), high-performance, parallel, rapid-prototyping, UX and GUI Design, and the major OSs, languages and tool-sets to build and test solutions at all levels of the stack.

I’ve helped many pro audio / multi-media companies, large and small, realize their projects, ideas, concepts and goals; in full-time, consulting and freelance capacities.

PM me for contact information to open a conversation! Happy to provide CV/Resume/References to serious inquiries.



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