Developer needed to help finalizing a DAW

Hi everyone,

Since 2 years we've been developing a Juce based DAW for mac and windows, we are now approching the release and would need some additional man power to speed up the process.

For this job the following skills are required:

  • Strong C++ background and experience of software architecture
  • Decent knowledge of Juce
  • At least some good basics about DSP

The tasks to achieve may touch those areas:

  • UI development and optimization
  • Development of audio effects
  • Work on existing native plugins
  • Bug fixing and optimization of the app performances 

On the shedule side, we're looking for someone available at least 2 days/week, for a first period of 2 months.

Please pm me if you are interested in the job, and feel free to ask any questions...

Kind regards,

Very interested. Sent a PM.