Looking for JUCE / DSP developer

Hey gang,

I’m looking for someone to take over some work maintaining a signature plugin that we have developed for a Grammy winner producer/engineer client. The work will start in mid December.


  • Confident C++ and JUCE skills
  • Knowledge of basic DSP effects (hooking up filters, delay lines chorus/flangers etc)
  • Experience delivering, maintaining and troubleshooting cross-platform/cross-format plugins
  • …and all those tricky things that go along with it (activation/licensing, code signing, third party libraries etc.)
  • Working with the graphics designer to improve the bitmap based GUI and custom Look and Feels.
  • Optimisation where possible
  • Improving build automation and unit testing

Initially we anticipate the workload will be mostly bug fixing with some feature implementation for minor revisions.

The client has plans/ideas for further plugins so the work will most likely grow.

This is a remote position although someone located in LA or at least on that timezone would be a bonus!

Please email valerio@melodrive.com for more details and to let me know a bit about yourself and what you’ve worked on!

Valerio Velardo
CEO @ Melodrive


Hi sent mail. Check!!