Hi All,
We've been running into low memory issues quite a bit lately so i've been tempted to enable the LARGEADRESSAWARE flag in visual studio.
We are busy building a 64 bit version of our software so hopefully in the not to distant future we don't need this anymore. But in the mean time i could make some our clients quite happy with the extra memory that will come available.

We'll make build that we will ship to some of our clients with the note that they should run this on a 64 bit machine with enough RAM. Have any of you already had experience with this flag? And what are the issues i can expect. I saw that the introjucer has this flag set, so Juce code most likely will work.

Any feedback or experiences with this flag are welcome


The introjucer will automatically enable that flag in your projects, so you should already have it set. (Don't know any reasons not to use it)

Well we aren't using the IntroJucer for our project management, so it's not already set. And for current version that is out in the public the base is still Juce 1.53.  Hopefully we'll be able to release our new version soon (based on latest tip) but for now this is how it is.
The LARGEADDRESSAWARE option is mostly safe to use on 64 bit systems right? But i don't think it's guarenteed to never cause issues on 32 bit systems.

Aslo this thread on stackoverflow points to some issues you might encounter.  

Among other things is the GetCursorPos issue which sounds very wonky if you'd ask me, are you using GetCursorPos or GetCursorInfo?
It seems to be fixed in a Windows update, but these little things worry me sometimes ;-)

Anyway just started this thread to get some experiences from others, i haven't seen anything odd happening till now so i'm happy to keep the settings unless there are some clear indications it's a bad idea.


Thanks for the info. We're only using GetCursorPos as a last-resort if someone forces a read of the position outside of a mouse event callback, so hopefully not too much danger there.