Last Update of Projucer (4.3.0) unusable on Windows 7

On top of the previously reported crash (still happening), I can’t add files to the project with a right click or even change the version of the project (the keyboard focus gets somehow stolen).

Am I the only one using windows here? Does anybody else have this problem?

I have the same problem (Windows 7/64bit)

Thanks for that tip, it helps. I just grabbed 4.3.0 on Win 7 and Projucer UI was behaving very badly, it was really not usable, acting as if it were responding to click events from some other source. But once I logged out it seems much happier.

Can you try the latest develop, again? We added a workaround that fixed something similar in Windows 10 last week.

Well, we regularly (every two months) merge develop into master and re-build the binaries which will then be available under “Get JUCE”. Even if their is a serious bug preventing people using the Projucer on Windows 7, we rather wait a few days to be sure that the bugfix doesn’t break something else (possibly on a different OS).

Hi, wondering when this is going to get fixed?
Just downloaded JUCE 4.3.1.
Still the same problem: Projucer is not usable on Win 7. Cannot add files or add groups to the project.(unless I sign out)

Works OK for me… but I did notice a few funnies (which may be deliberate) -
The Projucer project (as downloaded by GIT, AFAICT) is defined to build on 64bit and the Debug version uses DLLs (where as the Release doesn’t - or the other way around)
All of which means it’s easier to remove all the VS projects and re-add the project you want for your needs (32bit, static compile in my case) - This of course means you have to open a new .jucer project with an old Proiucer and ignore the nag box.