Latest Projucer can not select Folders

I downloaded the latest JUCE, version 4.3.0, and now the Projucer will not let me select folders or edit fields.

Under the files tab if I try to select one of my project group folders it immediately jumps back up to the project name at the top and will not let me select any folder. There is no way now to bring up the context menu over a folder because the folder can not be selected. So now I can not add or change any files in the folders.

Edit boxes are now behaving the same way. Under the Config tab if I try to select an edit field for editing, such as “Company Name” or any other field, the field stays selected for only an instant and then loses focus. So there is no way to edit any of the fields.

I went back to an earlier version of JUCE, 4.2.1, which I downloaded on May, 18, 2016 with a date on the Projucer.exe of April 27, 2016, and the problem goes away. The earlier version works fine.

The only thing I changed was JUCE and also I just got a commercial license.

I’m running Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2012 Express.

Note: I tried removing the file “JUCECompileEngine.dll” from the same folder as Projucer.exe, and the problem goes away. What is this file and why does its presence effect the Projucer IDE GUI? Is it necessary if I am building in Visual Studio? Is it important or can it be safely removed without impacting my release build?

We’re aware of some Windows 7 problems with the Projucer, and, unfortunately, they’re not quick to fix.

JUCECompileEngine.dll contains all the live compilation functionality of the Projucer. Removing it will not affect Visual Studio or the Visual Studio exporter, you’ll just not be able to use the Projucer live preview.

Thanks for your quick response.

That is good news because I am not currently using the live preview functionality. For now I will just move forward using the Projucer to manage the project settings, select the build target pluggin format, and to integrate my project with Visual Studio. So I can continue to simply use Visual Studio to build the project as I have been.


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