Jucer-files don't work anymore after renaming a folder

i had all juce and project files on my desktop which i find very unaesthetical so i closed all repositories, renamed the folder and moved it to documents. the problem is that now no jucer-files open anymore and even when i try to open my projects in visual studio it doesn’t know how to compile anymore. i feel like i majorly messed up. if there is any fix for this i’d be very glad to know

Do you mean you can’t open them in Projucer anymore? Does Projucer itself starts?

This makes sense. Since you’ve moved the location of the JUCE code, you need to re-save the Visual Studio projects.

the projucer doesn’t start. it has this whitish icon that things always have when windows doesn’t know what it is… as if i deinstalled something or so.

edit: btw, i already connected juce’s repo with the new folder again and pulled from develop. so i guess it can’t be due to missing files…or can it?

edit 2: i guess my question could be rephrased as: how to make jucer-files work if they don’t do that automatically? i can’t find any information on that. all resources i found assume that projucer can be opened.

Where are you seeing that icon? Do you have a shortcut to Projucer that can’t be resolved anymore maybe?

all the jucer files in the subfolders of extras don’t open a programm anymore. is there a way to kinda… install the fact that this is juce… again?

You’ve broken the file association of .jucer files.

You can fix this:

  • right-click on a .jucer file
  • click on “Open with”
  • click on “More apps”:
  • scroll down the list of apps until you reach “Look for another app on this PC”
  • select the Projucer.exe program in the “Open with…” file dialog
  • click on Open
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oh yeah. the fact that a projucer.exe-file exists is exactly the hint i needed. thanks :slight_smile: now everything works fine again and i have things in the folders where they belong finally. i also had to set my paths in projucer again which made me realize that i never used the user modules folder before. going to look up what this is used for soon