Visual Studio Solution Will Not Open using New Projucer

I recently updated (last Friday) Juce and re-built the Projucer. Visual studio 2013 will not open the solution anymore (The project requires user input. Reload the project for more information. Never see any more info). I also noticed the my vcxproj and vcxlproj.filters now have an “_App” after the project name. I am trying to load and build this on Windows 7 Enterprise. Note that this also will not open the new ***_App.vcxproj file either (same error). If I use the older vcxproj file, it will open but it cannot find any of the juce libs. This is the first time I tried to build on windows since updating to Juce 5, the build works fine in Xcode.

Have you tried opening the .sln file?

You can also use the Save and Open in IDE button in Projucer.

Yes, I get the same error either way. I am using the Projucer on OS X, so I cannot use the “Open in IDE button”

Can you copy-paste or make a screenshot of the exact error message?

This is all I get when I try to load the project or solution. 25 PM

I also have no idea where the App suffix came from all of a sudden on the project / sln file.

The App suffix is new in JUCE 5. It was added in this commit:

Could you try to open one of the solutions for Visual Studio 2013 provided in JUCE? (for instance examples/Demo/Builds/VisualStudio2013/JuceDemo.sln or extras/Projucer/Builds/VisualStudio2013/Projucer.sln)

They work. I probably need to manually go through the vcxproj file to figure out what is going on. I did notice that it was set to cpp14 in this file even though I have the project set to 11.

If you upload the .vcxproj file and/or the .jucer file, I’ll be happy to have a look at them :slight_smile:

How do I upload this file. I zipped it but zip and vcxproject files are not allowed. I could change the extension to txt but then I would be afraid that the website will try to display the entire file.

Changing the extension to .txt is the easiest thing to do. And normally the website will only show a link to it.

Note that this is zipped. QCManager2_App.vcxproj.txt (13.9 KB)

Some fields that are now present, that were not in the last build:
 <OutDir Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">$(SolutionDir)$(Platform)\$(Configuration)\App\</OutDir>
    <IntDir Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">$(Platform)\$(Configuration)\App\</IntDir>

One that is not anymore:
    <TargetExt Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">.exe</TargetExt>

The new fields also exist in JuceDemo_App.vcxproj and Projucer_App.vcxproj, so I don’t think they would cause any problem on your project.

I am able to load the project file you uploaded:

In visual studio 2013?

Yes. Here is the exact version:

Hmm. Thanks for all your help. Very strange that I can open the other project files (and the one that was made with the old version of the projucer). I will dig deeper.

Feel free to zip all the Visual Studio files, if you want me to have a look :slight_smile:

I am using Visual Studio Professional 2013 update 4. I am going to try downloading update 5 and see what happens first.

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I just deleted all the “project files” (which I have many times), saved exporter out of the projucer, but this time deleted the sln file (which I thought I tried already as well). I was able to load it. Seems like the sln file created by Projucer may be at fault here. However now all my linking to external libs is broke. I’ll figure it out. Now the solution file works (deleted everything again and restarted the projucer).