Latency delay when running audiopluginhost demo

Latency issue, a delay, when building audiopluginhost demo (release version), latest version of juce on windows 10. I run one instance of pianoteq (on high end audio system with rme ucx interface) and there is a noticeable delay from when a key is pressed and the audio is reproduced. It not my system I run alot of pro audio on it. Sample rate is 48k with audio buffer is 144 (3ms).

Has anyone else had this issue? I’m a 30 year developer new to juce and right out of the gate running a demo I have serious doubts. Please don’t tell me it’s my system I run alot of pro audio with no issues. Any help appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Are you using the ASIO driver option in the host? Windows WASAPI etc drivers are a bit hit and miss with latency etc. (There may be a problem in Juce’s WASAPI implementation too, but ASIO should be fine.)

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The option in the audio driver preferences says, ‘windows audio’, which looks like it’s using the asio driver for my ucx rme interface. Maybe it’s not using the asio? How would I fix that as it doesn’t give me an option to select the asio driver directly? Thanks for replying.

“Windows Audio” means WASAPI. If you are not seeing the ASIO option in the compiled application, you need to enable that in the Projucer, re-export the Visual Studio project and rebuild it. You will also need to separately obtain the Steinberg ASIO SDK, unfortunately, and place the relevant headers from that into your header search path. (Roli can’t distribute the Steinberg ASIO headers with the Juce source code, which is why you have to go through the hoops to get ASIO enabled.)


Xenakios, will do. Thanks so much for the thorough answer.Great appreciated!